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World Dryer L-971 SLIMdri Surface Mounted ADA Compliant Automatic Hand Dryer with Aluminum Brushed Chrome Cover, 120/208/240V

    The World Dryer L-971 SLIMdri surface mounted ADA compliant automatic hand dryer has a cast aluminum cover plated with brushed chrome for corrosion resistance; protrudes less than 4 inches from the surface of the wall it's mounted on, achieving ADA compliance with no recess mounting required; and has an infrared sensor that turns the dryer on when hands are under the outlet and off when they aren't to conserve energy and reduce the risk of germ transmission by eliminating the need for a manual control. This hand dryer is rated for 110-120 V, 208 V, and 220-240 V and 60 Hz for global voltage compatibility. Tamper resistant screws hold the cover to the mounting base (security hex key included) to help reduce vandalism damage.

    This hand dryer has a silver-based antimicrobial compound infused into internal plastic components to help inhibit the growth of biofilm and mold and extend the operating life of the dryer. The heating element can be turned off for user comfort in hot weather and has an automatically resetting thermal protector to help reduce the need for parts replacement in case of damage or failure. The heat control switch is only accessible under the tamper resistant cover. This hand dryer is GreenSpec listed for better energy efficiency than conventional hand dryers, and is ETL Listed to show compliance with accepted national safety standards in the United States and Canada by Intertek. It has an Ingress Protection Rating of IP23, which means fingers cannot enter the unit and water spraying on it from above or at any angle up to 60 degrees from the vertical causes no harm.


    Motor speed13,000 RPM (revolutions per minute)
    Air flow70 CFM (cubic feet per minute)
    Air velocity140 MPH (miles per hour)
    12,320 LFM (linear feet per minute)
    Air temperature48 degrees F rise above ambient temperature
    Automatic shutoff time60 seconds
    Voltage ratingAccepts 110-120 / 208 / 220-240 volts
    Amperage ratingWith 110-120 V input: 8.3 amps
    With 208 V input: 3.7 amps
    With 220-240 V input: 4.1 amps
    WattageWith 110-120 V input: 950 watts
    With 208 V input: 775 watts
    With 220-240 V input: 950 watts
    Cycle60 hertz
    Overall dimensions*10.7 x 11.43 x 3.9 inches/271 x 290 x 100 mm (H x W x D)

    *H is height, the vertical distance from lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right; D is depth, the horizontal distance from front to back.

    Hand dryers have electric motors that blow heated air to dry hands with. They are mounted on a wall, and are hard wired to a dedicated electrical circuit. Hand dryers are typically installed in high traffic or public restrooms to reduce the costs associated with providing high volumes of clean towels and removing used ones.

    World Dryer manufactures hand dryers, hair dryers, and baby-changing stations. The company, founded in 1948, is headquartered in Berkeley, IL.

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